What soil would you suggest for planting hostas in?


As part of our 2019 catalogue, Jonathan Hogarth has recommended Dalefoot peat free wool and bracken compost. It is a good water retaining compost for hostas.


How will my hosta plants from Hogarth Hostas arrive?

Hogarth Hostas ship their plants bare rooted (they will not be in soil).


What are the first steps for caring for my new hosta?

When your order arrives, stand the plant(s) in water for a short time BEFORE potting them in compost. When it is time for them to be potted, try to keep the compost airy (crumble it finely and DO NOT pat it down in the pot or squeeze the compost into a compact state). Air pockets in your compact will result in a better root system.


Where can I read more about caring for hostas?

When it comes to potting and re-potting your hostas, visit our useful page (here). For extra tips from Jonathan Hogarth, you can watch two clips which have links to them at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, you can read Jonathan’s interview with Beth Otway about caring for your hosta during the summer and autumn months here!


What is the ‘golden rule’ of caring for hostas?

Remember, the golden rule for hosta care is to keep re-potting! No matter how big or healthy your hosta may look - always allow your hosta three years of continuous growth as one plant by re-potting it when necessary. Only after four years of caring for your hosta should you consider splitting your plant over more than one pot!