Re-pot Your Hostas


Step-by-step instructions on potting up your hostas and some useful tips on caring for them. Remember to also check out the FAQ page for some extra tips from Jonathan himself.

Repot 1.png

Un-potting your growing hosta

These step-by-step instructions are for re-potting your growing hostas, however, if your hostas are new, this guide may give you some ideas and handy tips for potting up your new hosta too!

  1. Make sure your hosta is ready to be moved to a new pot. You’ll know it’s time when the roots are visibly emerging from this holes in the base of its current pot.

  2. Gently squeeze the sides of your hosta’s current pot to loosen it’s root system from the pot.

  3. Tip-out your hosta, supporting the connection between the stem and the roots. (You can place the stem between your index and middle finger before tipping-out the plant for extra support). Shake off old soil from the hosta and use this time to check that the roots are in good condition.

Preparing to re-pot

  1. Gather the four main ‘ingredients’ for good hosta soil: compost, perlite, grit and grit sand.

  2. Mix these together, making sure to keep the mixture airy (do not pat it down or squeeze it into a hard consistency) this is to ensure an airy composition that will make your root system flourish!

  3. Gather a new, larger pot for your hosta.

Repot 2.png

Repot 3.png

Finishing off the re-potting process

  1. Add grit to the pot first and gently spread out the roots on the plant.

  2. Place the hosta in the centre of the pot and add the soil mixture around it.

  3. Water your hosta, ensuring the new soil is damp (but not soaking).

The golden rule:

Jonathan’s golden rule when it comes to re-potting hostas is to keep re-potting for the first three years of your hosta’s life. Despite how much your hosta may be growing, DO NOT split your hosta plant until at least four years have past!